Synergy: (SIN-ER-JEE) from the Greek word sunergia meaning “working together” Synergy Construction established our reputation through competitive pricing and commitment to quality. 

At Synergy Construction our goal is client satisfaction in not only quality construction but in timeliness and cost effective services through the entire construction process. We believe in the working together with the client to deliver the highest quality results within their budget.

The project management approach at Synergy Construction achieves the projected results while controlling costs, maintaining quality and ensuring the project is completed on time.

Synergy is the best selection as your General Contractor/Partner, for your next project.

Synergy staff includes: Licensed General Contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers, design professionals, project managers, field supervisors and skilled tradesmen.

Synergy Construction is the proven contractor that offers the benefits of quality, and cost competitiveness.